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Includes: taxonomies, ontologies, thesauri, classification schemes, glossaries, lexicons, person name authorities, geographic name authorities, etc.

 Taxonomy Publishers

Includes: commercial companies, government agencies, academic institutions, private individuals, etc.

 Taxonomy Events

Includes: conferences (anywhere in the world) and online webinars.

 Taxonomy Blogs

Includes blogs about: The Cloud, communities, companies, data & IA, CMS, DAMs, data mining, metadata, ontology, text analytics, KM, taxonomy, technology, semantic web, social web, etc.

 Books & Publications

Includes: printed books, online books and whitepapers, online slideshow presentations, online videos, national and international standards, etc.

 Taxonomy Organizations

Includes: taxonomy, indexing and search software providers; taxonomy consultants; taxonomy professional associations and standards bodies, etc.

 Taxonomy Products & Services

Includes: taxonomy and ontology management software, automated indexing and classification software, search software, consulting and editorial services, etc.
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